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The Process:


First Stage (Until 23:55 19th of October)

Please send your application to:  consultingservices@warwickconsultingsociety.com


Please attach your CV and answers to both questions, adhering to the word limit:

  • Why do you think you would be suitable for the student consultant role? (250 words max)
  • Please list, in order of preference, the top 3 clients you wish to work with, and elaborate how you can best help your top preferred client. (250 words max)




Second Stage

Successful candidates will be invited to interviews held between 23-27th of October. This will be a brief meeting to discuss your motivation, abilities and suitability for the role.


If you have any more questions, please contact us:
Jason Riady (j.riady@warwick.ac.uk) +447427764758
Alex Majewski (a.majewski@warwick.ac.uk) +48508603370


Thank you!

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