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Update: Recruitment for Consulting Services has begun. Apply now.


What is WCS Consulting Services?

Formerly known as Live Projects, WCS Consulting Services provides a platform for students to get involved in real-life consulting with a client, collaborating with corporates, businesses, start-ups and charities on a local and national level. The tasks required of students during collaboration projects range from creating and evaluating marketing strategies, investment options, logistics and scheduling, database creation and data-mining, and so much more. Projects typically last 3-5 months, depending on how soon and how well the goal provided by the client has been achieved.


How are the teams structured?

In each team, there will be 3-5 student consultants, one project leader and one professional director. The project leader will be selected amongst the team members, while the project director will be from one of our execs or those experienced in doing such projects.


What would I do as a student consultant?

In collaborating with your team members, you will be working on the project while building up skills that will boost your chances of employment, e.g. managing a professional relationship a client, managing your time, successfully working in a team, and so on. This entails meeting with your project directors for advice and going on training programs offered by the society. By the end of the project, you will gain an understanding of the type of work and responsibilities that a professional handles.


Client Testimonials

“Warwick Consulting Society was very helpful with the Boar's distribution project. They were able to conduct detailed research on our key issues and suggest how we can best address them. We were very impressed with their level of professionalism and expertise.” - Derin Odueyungbo, Head of Logistics and Distribution, The Boar, student newspaper

“Bellefull was very pleased to have worked with WCS Consulting Services. I found the student consultants to be professional and the quality of their work to be exceptional. With their help we were able reach our target of 60 sales per week. This was achieved through the team creating a sales template by which I was able to better record and understand my sales. Additionally, this was also achieved through a targeted marketing campaign and the introduction of the loyalty card system.” - Claudius Buckle, Founder, Bellefull, a Caribbean food start-up based in London

If you have any questions, please send in your queries to either one of the Co-Heads of WCS Consulting Services:

Jason Riady (j.riady@warwick.ac.uk) +447427764758

Alex Majewski (a.majewski@warwick.ac.uk) +48508603370

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