At Warwick Consulting Society we believe that consulting is much more than a profession; its a lifestyle. The Careers in Consulting branch aims to enhance our members' understanding of the world of consulting, and provide a greater insight into the possible career paths within the industry. To do so we work closely together with experienced professionals and industry leading firms to provide an authentic hands on experience of their work. In addition, we also assist our members with their applications, and we aim to be with our members every step of the very competitive application processes. In order to do this, we organize regular workshops, such as CV & Cover Letter clinics, Case Study sessions, Interview Practices and more for our members. We recognize that consulting is a diverse industry with a virtually unlimited number of opportunities and career paths. That‘s why our new strategy is centered around raising awareness for the various niches of consulting while maintaining a focus on strategy and tech consulting. On top of that we wish to equip students with the skills of top consultants as we believe in the usability of this know how across industries and careers, even personal life. Consulting has become so much more than advising boards or working with line managers, its all about recognizing and solving problems under pressure. Ideally, everyone is a consultant to his company, friends, colleagues and himself


A History of Success

"Working with Warwick Consulting Society’s Career division helped me to fundamentally understand the industry, find a firm that’s right for me and excel throughout the lengthy application process. Without Warwick Consulting Society I would never be where I am now, their hard work means a lot to me.”

— James, former society member


Warwick and Consulting

Warwick has a longstanding tradition in consulting and members of our society continue to build outstanding careers in the industry. This record of achievement is thanks to the societies close ties to industry leaders and a powerful alumni network which allows our members to get detailed insides into cutting edge techniques and practices. Our goal is to continue to supply the industry with students that have an edge in the field based on experience and knowledge otherwise hard to find in graduates.


Why consulting is for you

Consulting has become an incredibly attractive and lucrative line of work for many university students. Consulting often offers a unique experience and a job with very diverse and interesting work. Many students find the problem-solving aspect of the work very appealing, as well as the opportunity to get such a diverse and enriching exposure to so many different business problems at such an early stage in their careers. However, many feel limited by their chosen course of study and doubt their suitability for the industry. We help students find their consulting niche and share our fascination for the profession by giving them hands-on experience to proof that consulting can offer the right career for everyone.