Women in Consulting was established with the goal of encouraging female students to explore the field of consulting. We are also focusing on creating events and inviting female speakers to showcase their accomplishments, with the aim of tackling the stereotype of consulting being a very male-oriented career.

It is important to note that most of our events are open to all genders, and we encourage anyone interested in consulting to attend.


Empowering Women



We are also proud to offer a mentorship scheme, which connects high achieving and motivated students with successful female consultants. It's a chance for students to get essential advice on their applications as well as guidance and tips for the future in the industry. In the 2018/2019 school year, we had almost 20 students in this scheme, and we are looking to expand it in the upcoming year.

Panels & WOrkshops

Throughout the year we organise panel discussions, workshops, and many special events. One of the highlights of this year was a joint dinner with the Oxford Consulting Society in one of the historic colleges of Oxford.

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